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Adult Dyslexia Assessment: General

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In this post, I’m going to discuss what a dyslexia assessment for adults should look like in general.  In a following post, I will address dyslexia assessment specifically for college-aged students who may be seeking a formal evaluation to qualify for academic accommodations. There are a few differences between an evaluation for children versus adults (general [...]

Diagnosing Dyslexia in Adults: College Accommodations

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When it comes to college accommodations and diagnosing dyslexia in adults, the rules and regulations are rather strict.  Each university or college that you consider may have slightly different requirements for eligibility.  However, as US institutions regulated by federal law, they are required to adhere to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the [...]

What Do You Mean By “Dyslexia Test?”

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This whole idea of a single “dyslexia test” is actually a misnomer.   Remember that dyslexia means nothing more than difficulty with reading, spelling and writing. True dyslexia is caused by underlying weaknesses in language processing.  It’s caused by glitches in how your brain is wired.  At the base, in the vast majority of cases, is [...]

Dyslexia Testing Online – Quick Summary

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What Does Dyslexia Testing Online Mean? With the advent of all the various web platforms like Google Hangout, Skype, GoToMeeting, Blackboard Collaborate, etc. we are really in the early stages of figuring out what can really be done online and what cannot. Or what shouldn’t be.  Frankly, maintaining the human connection is one issue.  But if [...]

Dyslexia Test Online: Functional and Legal Issues

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I’m assuming the vast majority of you are seeking an educational evaluation that you would like to use for planning in your student’s school.  I just don’t think we’re there yet technically and I’m pretty sure you’ll have significant difficulty with acceptance by your school.  However, my plan is to arm parents with what they need [...]

Free Online Dyslexia Testing: Just a First Step

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I’ve discussed online dyslexia testing in several other postings like here. If you search on Free Online Dyslexia Testing, you’ll find about 713,000 results!  Ha! The first few pages of natural search results include a number of free online dyslexia tests that you can explore. Just remember a couple of things.  First, these tests, or checklists, [...]

Symptoms of Dyslexia: Second Grade Through High School

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It might seem a bit odd to you that I’m combining such a large span of time from second grade through high school.  But there is a method to my madness… A rhyme to my reason.  It’s sort of a cue to remind you of the importance of early intervention when symptoms of dyslexia are identified [...]

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

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I think we’ve reached the stage in smart technology development where the ground gets pretty grey (Shades of Grey!) between smart tech tools that we all use and what is traditionally called assistive technology for boys and girls with dyslexia and other learning issues. There is a furious whirlwind of discussion across the nation right now [...]

Symptoms of Dyslexia: Kindergarten and First Grade

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In kindergarten and first grade, you will want to continue to monitor aspects of speech but also early reading skill development comes into play as well.  Let’s briefly discuss signs of dyslexia for the early academic grades. Remember that the most fundamental building block in language processing that impacts the acquisition of reading, spelling and writing [...]