Dyslexia Interventions In the Classroom: Choosing and Implementing Dyslexia Intervention Programs In the Classroom

This two hour course is a follow up from our previous course entitled Dyslexia Screening in Schools: Supporting Our Teachers By Doing it Right! In this course we will provide a clear "map" for selecting and implementing intervention programs based on the results of the universal screening process.


Deeper Dive: Oral Language Processing and the CELF-5

As parents, educators and specialists, understanding how to interpret test scores is a crucial component to being able to advocate for kids, to make informed decisions and ultimately create an effective roadmap for remediation. By understanding how to interpret test scores, you put yourself in the drivers seat to help your dyslexic child or student.


Basic Accommodations for Dyslexic Children

When you think about accommodations for dyslexic students, think of them as building bridges that will help the student lead with their strengths and bypass their weaknesses. This is as critically important as implementing the proper intensive, multisensory instructional strategies such as the Orton Gillingham approach.