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michael hart, ph.d.

Literacy Expert, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Did you know that 66% of our kids are deficient in reading by fourth grade?

When kids aren’t taught to read, it affects every single aspect of our society. For the first time in our history, the momentum for changing this is happening...right now!

Michael’s life passion today is to educate the world about the disconnect between the science of teaching reading and what is actually happening in our schools.The issue has always been that the discoveries in reading science and the acquisition of language haven’t been transferred into teacher education. But that is changing. We have the worldwide momentum to finally “bridge the gap” between FORTY YEARS of reading science and how we train our teachers to teach our kids to read.

It’s time that all leaders, whether in business, social service, or government, understand how to support this change. This is an issue that touches everyone...socially, economically, and educationally.

Michael Hart, Ph.D.

Dr. Hart is a rare hybrid. He initially trained as a child psychologist and then later completed a Wharton MBA. His mix of clinical practice and years as a C-level executive in the technology startup world has given him a unique perspective and a broad set of skills.

His unique background enables him to challenge the status quo of literacy initiatives on a global basis with authority and expertise. A key part of that is to educate everyone about the changes we are beginning to see all across the world with respect to the importance of literacy. With consciousness comes change.

Michael wants EVERYONE to know how illiteracy impacts our lives. From $73 billion a year in unnecessary healthcare costs in the US to 70% functional illiteracy among our prison population, we are ALL impacted by poor literacy.


  • Co-chair, UNESCO MGIEP advisory committee for a large-scale literacy development project in India.The Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) was established by the Government of India. MGIEP is an integral part of UNESCO and the organization’s specialist institute on education for peace and sustainable development to foster global citizenship.
  • Literacy Expert for Understood.org, one of the largest repositories of information about learning disabilities in the world.
  • Founder and owner of www.drmichaelhart.comcurrently providing live presentations, webinars and online courses for parents, educators and decision-makers regarding literacy and the impact on society.
  • Founding board member of TEDxNashville and Chair of Speaker Selection committee for four years.

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Speaker Topic

Solving the Crisis of Illiteracy: Why It Matters to All of Us!

Michael Hart is bringing the story of the literacy crisis in America and how to solve it to corporate leadership groups, industry conventions, and university lecture series across the globe.

The social and economic impact of the literacy crisis is enormous, and touches us all. Sixty-six percent of US children are below average readers by 4th grade...Forty-two million adults are functionally illiterate...Sixty to seventy percent of the prison population is illiterate...Tens of billions of dollars of unnecessary healthcare costs can be attributed to poor literacy.

And yet, we have known the solution for forty years.

Dr. Hart tells an amazing story that solves the mystery of why our kids’ educational system is falling behind the rest of the developed nations, and how the global movement that has finally started will change all that


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Michael Hart started out as a classically trained child psychologist.After many years of practice, he grew frustrated that he was only able to help 75 to 100 families a year; he kept telling people that he wanted to reach tens of thousands of kids and families every year. In order to do so, Michael needed to expand his skill set, so he obtained an MBA at Wharton and pursued creating a business in educational software for children with learning differences.

As with many entrepreneurs, Dr. Hart was too early for the market, so he pivoted and spent 10 years in business development and C-Level roles, helping early stage technology startups get on their feet in industries, like natural language search technology, online travel, and electronic publishing. During that time, he often worked internationally with partners or investors in India, Europe, and the Middle East.

It was an extraordinary education in the workings of global business, and gave Michael a very broad skill set and perspective on leadership regarding how to effect large scale change.

Dr. Hart’s path was atypical, to say the least, but it led him to the realization of his professional dream of addressing literacy worldwide. Now he wants to touch the lives of millions of children.

Raised in Northern California , Dr. Hart lived in many parts of the United States over the course of his life including Utah, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and now Tennessee. He hopes to return to his beloved San Francisco soon..

For additional information visit www.drmichaelhart.com or write directly to Dr. Hart at doctormichaelhart@gmail.com.

Rave Reviews for Dr. Hart

Michael delivered an outstanding keynote address at our 2016 UNESCO MGIEP learning differences workshop for teachers in New Delhi earlier this year.His vision for improving literacy worldwide was so inspiring it led me to invite him to serve as Co-Chair of a major literacy pilot project in India. The Indian literacy initiative will serve as a model for scaling globally and we hope that Dr. Hart will be a key member of our team.

Anantha K. Duraiappah, Ph.D.
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP)/UNESCO

Dr. Michael Hart has twice presented at our national Spotlight on Dyslexia Conference and received over a 94% satisfaction rating and many recommendations to return. His explanations relating to Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia have provided invaluable and practical insights to professionals and concerned parents in an easy to understand manner.

Mark Brugger
Program Manager
Learning Ally™ http://www.learningally.org/OG

Dr. Hart’s expertise has been invaluable to the parents of children with learning and attention issues that we serve. His presentations during our live expert video chats condense complex topics into digestible and actionable tips for our audience.

Matt Lurrie
Expert Coordinator, Understood.org

With his unique background, Dr. Hart brings a thought-provoking and very inspirational perspective to his speaking engagements. You come roaring out of his events with a whole new way of looking at the world.

Martin J. Snider, Esq.
General Counsel, Anne Arundel Community College


From Suffering to Success: Key Lessons From Successful People with Dyslexia

Dr. Hart distills the key lessons learned about suffering, survival, and success from countless interviews with dyslexic children and adults. Great inspirational stories about fierce determination in the face of chronic misunderstanding.

Your Child Restored: The Path from Suffering to Success

In this talk, Dr. Hart discusses his five part process for helping parents and children get the help they need when struggling with learning issues in school. His unique presentation is provocative, but truly leads you from suffering to success. No one is going to be more invested in your child’s success than YOU are. Dr. Hart will tell you how to lead the charge.

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