Project Description

Time: 35 Minutes

Audience: Educators, Specialists

Level: Introductory

“Allowing children to fail, to think they’re ‘dumb,’ is no longer acceptable.” Sally Shaywitz, MD

Far too often, bright children with dyslexia are misunderstood or become “invisible” in the classroom because, at lease in the early year, they are able to compensate by leveraging their substantial intelligence. Year after year, they fall further and further behind in the development of basic literacy skills because we get distracted by their strengths and completely miss why they’re struggling so mightily. Because of what we know now, we can stop this needless suffering! Please join me in learning about how to recognize these very bright kids who nonetheless have specific neurologically-based difficulties with learning to read, write and spell.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The definition of the three types of Twice Exceptional (2E) students
  • The value and limitations of formalized testing and the importance of understanding all the components of an evaluation
  • What our bright, dyslexic children look like in the classroom throughout their school years
  • What a real live example looks like
  • Tips for managing the challenges of bright dyslexic children in elementary, middle and high school


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