Project Description

Time: 23 minutes

Audience: Parents, Specialists and Educators

Level: Introductory

“The goal is to support students in skills not yet mastered by providing access to instructional/assistive technology in conjunction with learning strategies and targeted reading instruction.” – Technology Integration for Students with Dyslexia, Texas Education Agency  

The above quote beautifully illustrates what you will learn about in this course… and why it is so important to augment targeted instruction.  Basic accommodations, whether instructional or technological, provide a powerful way for students to bypass their cognitive challenges and truly reveal their strengths and capabilities.  It is a gift that we, as adults, can provide our students that not only directly impacts their academic performance but also reduces the likelihood that our kids will suffer needlessly and continue to live in fear of being a failure.

In this 22 minute video, you will be introduced to the three primary types of accommodations:

  • Those that bypass the reading difficulty by providing information auditorily— i.e., Audio Books
  • Those that provide additional compensatory assistive technologies
  • Those that provide additional time and/or non-tech based support

Download now – Bibliography of Resources Regarding Dyslexia (PDF)

Download your easy-to-use checklist (PDF – for non-tech accommodation that can help you easily keep track of what works best for each individual student. This form was shared by Susan Barton, Founder of Bright Solutions for Dyslexia.)