Learn How To Find The Right Online Specialist For Your Child

You no longer have to worry about finding the right tutoring/academic support services for your child. The whole world is available to help your student! Join us to learn how.

Dr. Erica Warren and Dr. Michael Hart are now offering a 4-PART course that provides you with the map you need to successfully match your child with the right online tutoring/academic support professional.  $49.99


How To Tell the Difference Between AD/HD
and Dyslexia

Two Part Course:  Being able to differentiate between AD/HD and dyslexia is a critical skill for parents, specialists, tutors and educators. Because of what we now have confirmed through MRI studies (brain studies), we know that each learning challenge must be treated differently…and effective planning is necessary whether your child or student is at school, home or with their tutor.  $39.95




IMG_09092015_140051Your Child Restored: From Suffering to Success
The Emotional Process of Advocating for Your Child with Learning Issues

Discovering that your child has a learning problem can be very confusing, frustrating and often overwhelming. Many of us, even bright, highly functioning people really struggle with figuring out what to do. You DO NOT have to feel intimidated. You DO NOT have to feel ill prepared.  $19.95




xe97xbfyTtOigX11ANeIt7dmESVd5EkGKUY0roQ8WPQDeeper Dive: Oral Language Processing and the CELF-5

As parents, educators and specialists, understanding how to interpret test scores is a crucial component to being able to advocate for kids, to make informed decisions and ultimately create an effective roadmap for remediation.

By understanding how to interpret test scores, you put yourself in the drivers seat to help your dyslexic child or student.  $19.95






Dyslexia Difference not Disability

Mapping to the Core of Dyslexia: Mastering Phonological Processing and Rapid Automatic Naming with the CTOPP and RAN/RAS Tests

The Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP) and the Rapid Automatic Naming Test (RAN/RAS) are two of the simplest yet most powerful tests for pinpointing what is underlying reading problems.

Whether you are a parent, clinical specialist or educator, understanding how to interpret these tests gives you powerful insight into how to build an effective roadmap for remediation.  $19.95




Bright happy guysUnderstanding the Bright Child with Dyslexia

Far too often, bright children with dyslexia are misunderstood or become “invisible” in the classroom because, at lease in the early year, they are able to compensate by leveraging their substantial intelligence. Year after year, they fall further and further behind in the development of basic literacy skills because we get distracted by their strengths and completely miss why they’re struggling so mightily.

Because of what we know now, we can stop this needless suffering!  $14.99




Dyslexia Screening in Schools: Supporting Our Teachers By Doing it Right!

In this two hour webinar, you will learn best practices for both evaluation and implementation of an effective dyslexia screening process in your schools.

Our goal is to offer a framework of data-based decision making that will make your job easier.  $49.00





4005631298_50241b41abChoosing and Implementing Dyslexia Intervention in Classrooms

This two hour webinar is a follow up from our previous webinar entitled Dyslexia Screening in Schools: Supporting Our Teachers By Doing it Right!  In the first webinar, you learned best practices for both evaluation and implementation of an effective dyslexia screening process in your schools.

Now in this webinar we will provide a clear “map” for selecting and implementing intervention programs based on the results of the universal screening process.

Our goal is to offer a framework to make your job easier.  $49.00