First Udemy Course Launched: Eliminate Needless Suffering–Attention Deficit Disorder Reframed

Check out my Udemy course entitled Eliminate Needless Suffering: Attention Deficit Disorder Reframed. Click here.

I’ve just launched my first course on the Udemy platform. So much needless suffering occurs when we get over-organized around the disease-based medical model and the negative implications and forget the fullness of who we are including all of our strengths.

In the course, I review the last 200 years of diagnostic labels that are precursors to the ADD and ADHD label and then provide specific ways in which you can take better charge of your life. And make happier and healthier choices.

The course is only $49 for over 110 minutes of content in 14 lectures.   Be sure to check it out and share with your network.