Courses for Parents

Discovering your child has a learning problem can be very confusing, frustrating and often overwhelming. Many of us, even bright, highly functioning people really struggle with figuring out what to do.

The most effective strategy for providing dyslexia support as a parent is to fully educate yourself about all aspects of caring for your child with learning differences.  From learning about literacy development, understanding testing to finding the right tutor, Dr. Hart offers courses based on sound, evidence-based research.


dyslexia support

dyslexia support

dyslexia support

dyslexia support

dyslexia support


Rave Reviews for Dr. Hart’s Dyslexia Training

Anantha K. Duraiappah, Ph.D.

Director / Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP)/UNESCO

Michael delivered an outstanding keynote address at our 2016 UNESCO MGIEP learning differences workshop for teachers in New Delhi earlier this year.His vision for improving literacy worldwide was so inspiring it led me to invite him to serve as Co-Chair of a major literacy pilot project in India. The Indian literacy initiative will serve as a model for scaling globally and we hope that Dr. Hart will be a key member of our team.


Mark Brugger

Program Manager / Learning Ally™

Dr. Michael Hart has twice presented at our national Spotlight on Dyslexia Conference and received over a 94% satisfaction rating and many recommendations to return. His explanations relating to Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia have provided invaluable and practical insights to professionals and concerned parents in an easy to understand manner.


Matt Lurrie

Expert Coordinator /

Dr. Hart’s expertise has been invaluable to the parents of children with learning and attention issues that we serve. His presentations during our live expert video chats condense complex topics into digestible and actionable tips for our audience.


Martin J. Snider, Esq.

General Counsel / Anne Arundel Community College

With his unique background, Dr. Hart brings a thought-provoking and very inspirational perspective to his speaking engagements. You come roaring out of his events with a whole new way of looking at the world.