From Suffering to Success: Lisa Rose’s You’ve Got Verve Jamie Ireland!

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Dyslexia Testing: What Should An Educational Evaluation Look Like?

In order to create an effective plan for treating dyslexia, you must include four key components in the educational testing.  Without the information from those four areas, you can’t build a path for remediation.


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What Is the Process for Getting My Child Tested for Learning Issues!

This podcast is all about the rules imposed by the school district regarding who gets testing and who doesn’t. I give you common sense suggestions for making sure your child is properly cared for when they are struggling in school.

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My Philosophy About Caring for Families

Hello. My name is Michael Hart. Far too many people with dyslexia and ADD/ADHD, kids and adults alike, have suffered needlessly because we never gave them the language and understanding necessary to more effectively take charge of their lives.  I can help you.

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