Who Can Diagnose LD and/or AD/HD Anyway?

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The question of who is actually eligible to diagnose learning issues or AD/HD can be quite confusing.  There are many different degrees and titles in the world of diagnosing and treating learning problems and attention deficits.   In this post, we’re going to provide you with some practical answers. Can they diagnose LD and/or ADHD? Clinical Psychologist [...]

Disability needs to be reframed

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Disability isn’t a checklist, or a fixed point. Disability – and normalcy – are socially constructed. Disability is the interaction between a characteristic or a group of characteristics often called “impairments”, and a world that recognizes people with these characteristics as abnormal. Disability is considered a tragedy, a fate to be avoided at all costs. Disabled [...]

Reframing what learning disabled means

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We believe that there is an urgent need to move the debate on from a discussion about vulnerable people who are in need of high quality services to a discourse where people with learning disabilities are seen as functioning, capable human beings expressing views worthy of respect. People with learning disabilities are the experts, the professionals [...]

Dump the Diagnostic Code for ADD: Part 1

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Okay.  Here’s what you may sorta know but not really.  This is the skinny on the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD. There is no blood test…No CAT Scan. Maybe a PET Scan someday.  The determination is made purely on the observation regarding how a particular person fits within a particular environment.  That’s it.  This determination can [...]