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Children with Learning Problems: Empowering Parents

2019-06-27T16:06:20+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia Support, Parents|

  A woman posted in a forum recently that, as a young graduate student, she wanted to learn more about how to better advocate and communicate with the parents of her students.  Those of us who have been in that position truly understand what a delicate dance it is to empower parents when their children present [...]

The DSM-V, SLD and Dyslexia: A Fascinating, Frustrating Disservice

2019-06-27T16:10:44+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia, Dyslexia Support, Parents|

In a Facebook posting about two weeks ago, Julya Johnson (nee Shane) asked me to comment on the latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-V) diagnostic criteria for Specific Learning Disability and the mysterious relegation of the word dyslexia to an “alternative term.” It might make sense to start by explaining a [...]

Hyperlexia and Dyslexia: Phonologically Two Sides to the Same Coin?

2019-06-27T16:13:45+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia, Dyslexia Support, Parents|

  Julya Shane, my friend from Decoding Dyslexia Tennessee and Learning Ally, asked me to write a bit about hyperlexia, whether there is a connection with dyslexia and whether/how hyperlexia is referenced in IDEA…SLD?  Fall under OHI?  SLP? So…here we go. What is Hyperlexia?  Darold Treffert, MD, has been studying people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder for [...]

Meet the Orton Gillingham Online Academy!

2019-06-27T16:17:58+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia Support, Parents|

It gives me great pleasure to share with you a little bit about my new partner, Marisa Bernard, founder and principal of the Orton Gillingham Online Academy.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have met her. Marisa is the personification of best practices in our field.  Yes, of course, she teaches the Orton Gillingham method which we all [...]

Pounding Away at Your School: What Do You Do When Your Cup Runneth Empty?

2019-06-27T16:20:09+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia, Dyslexia Support|

We all have a finite cup of resources when advocating for our children.  For many of us, it’s financial, but sometimes it’s emotional. We get so intensely focused on the fact that our schools should be experts and take proper care of our children that our laser focus distracts us from the bigger picture. We deplete [...]

The Double Deficit Hypothesis: This Just In

2019-06-27T16:26:21+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia|

There is a really great new article out about the neuroscience behind Double Deficit Dyslexia. You can find it here on ScienceDirect. The title of the article is Functional neuroanatomical evidence for the double-deficit hypothesis of developmental dyslexia.  Elizabeth Norton from MIT is the lead author.  I don’t know her but the writing, while not an easy [...]

Fear and Loathing: Another New School Year!

2019-06-27T16:23:40+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia Support, Parents|

Here we are in another school year and all the attendant sleepless nights, angst, anger, fear, sense of helplessness. It’s already been terrifying for many folks. So, how do we best prepare for the expected unexpected snafus?  By being proactive. Remember that one of the principal tenets of my program, Your Child Restored:  From Suffering to [...]

Who Can Diagnose LD and/or AD/HD Anyway?

2019-06-28T02:08:46+00:00By |Categories: ADD, ADHD|

The question of who is actually eligible to diagnose learning issues or AD/HD can be quite confusing.  There are many different degrees and titles in the world of diagnosing and treating learning problems and attention deficits.   In this post, we’re going to provide you with some practical answers. Can they diagnose LD and/or ADHD? Clinical Psychologist [...]

Lesson To Remember: Dysgraphia Does Not Always Reflect Intellect

2019-06-28T02:08:46+00:00By |Categories: Dyslexia|

Dysgraphia means difficultly with writing in terms of both fine motor skills and grammatical and syntactic coherence.  In other words, your writing looks terrible! Probably always will.  But we need to be careful regarding what we think it means when we see someone with lousy handwriting or jumbled typing. I was reminded of this again yesterday. [...]