About Dr. Michael Hart


Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Michael Hart. I’m all about protecting and empowering children and adults who have led lives of confusion and sometimes even desperation due to learning issues. I have spent over 25 years teaching people how to explain how their brains are wired in a way that is humanizing and not pathological.

I help people reframe their lives. Far too many people, kids and adults alike, have suffered needlessly because we never gave them the language and understanding necessary to more effectively navigate the world. So that’s why I’m here…I’d like to dispel the personal myths that are damaging and arm you with the tools you need to find relief, a sense of possibility and hopefully even pleasure.

Here’s some traditional background. I finished my Ph.D. in Psychology in 1988 and formally practiced in a broad range of treatment settings over many years. Inpatient psychiatry, outpatient psychiatry…all kinds of facilities including schools in both public and private settings. As my career progressed, I developed an expertise in learning problems and attention issues. I also had the great honor of being trained by several extraordinary mentors in some of the best institutions in the world including the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

The more I learned about how we are diagnosing dyslexia, and treating people with learning and attention issues, the more alarmed I became. There is a very wide gap between what we know about research and how we actually diagnose and treat people. So my goal is to give what I can to help others. I’d like to “make a dent in the universe” as Steve Jobs used to say.

Here’s my credo: You are not a diagnostic code. And you are not a fraud. Or broken. You may very well have an interesting set of chemicals floating around inside you but you’ve got to learn how to re-tell your story…and play to your strengths. I can help you do that.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

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