I want to share this recent interview that my friend and colleague Erica Warren, did with the CEO of Scrible, a research and writing digital tool.

This is by far the most robust research and writing digital tool for researching and organizing your content for virtually any kind of writing project. It is of particular interest to me because so many of our kids who learn differently really struggle with executive function and overall organization.  

The way the Scrible team built the tool is ingenious.

Not only can individual students use the tool for research and writing but teachers can use it with an entire class. Teachers are also able to monitor the individual progress of each student in real time throughout the research and writing process.

I won’t go on and on here regarding all of the features and functionality. I think it makes more sense to link you to Erica’s interview with Victor Karkar.  The review is extensive (45 mins) and well worth the listen.

Click HERE for the link.

If you’re worried about cost, you’ll find that the tool is very affordable. There are two free levels usage (if you sign up they give you a free upgrade) and the third level is called EDU PRO. It’s only $10 per year for a middle or high school student and $28 per year for college and graduate school.

Hope you enjoy.