As we enter into a new day, new week, new month, it is my hope that we continue to make great strides in taking care of our children’s minds, hearts and souls as they grapple with learning in school.

Seeking inspiration in our lives and in the lives of others is a part of the solution. We need reminders that out of our current struggles can emerge great success. We all benefit from hearing the stories of others who prevailed against significant odds.

For this blog post, I thought you’d enjoy hearing from some extraordinary souls that I had the great pleasure to interview.

Jovan Haye

From the inspirational podcast series “From Suffering to Success,” Dr. Michael Hart interviews former NFL football player, Jovan Haye about his initial struggle and ultimate success, in spite of his severe dyslexia. Hear his unique and encouraging story that inspired the defensive lineman’s recent book Bigger Than Me: How a Boy Conquered Dyslexia to play in the NFL.


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Sprague Theobald:

In this interview for From Suffering to Success, Dr. Michael Hart talks to Sprague Theobald, a multiple Emmy-Award-winning filmmaker who struggled mightily in school and was not diagnosed with dyslexia until he was 30. Theobald’s story is one of courage, strength and tremendous persistence. He’s a great inspiration for all of us.

Sprague Theobald was awarded his second Emmy for the documentary “The Other Side of The Ice.” In the summer of 2009, a small crew, which included Theobald, his son and two step-children, took a 57′ trawler, Bagan, on a riveting journey north. The expedition traveled from Newport, RI, up through the Arctic’s infamous Northwest Passage and down through the Bering Sea. It concluded in Seattle, WA. By completing the 8,500 miles, five-month trip, Bagan became the first production powerboat in history to find and transit the Passage.

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Lisa Otter Rose: