I’ve discussed online dyslexia testing in several other postings like here.

If you search on Free Online Dyslexia Testing, you’ll find about 713,000 results!  Ha! The first few pages of natural search results include a number of free online dyslexia tests that you can explore.

Just remember a couple of things.  First, these tests, or checklists, are just screenings at best.  Most of the organizations behind the screenings will be the first to tell you that if the screening reveals a number of problem areas, a complete evaluation conducted by a diagnostician trained in this area is necessary.

Be aware that the majority of the organizations you’ll see in your search results are using the screening to sell you something.  That’s okay.  You don’t have to buy anything to get the results of the screening.  That’s just business on the web these days. Just don’t fill out anything that doesn’t feel right to you.  You may feel more comfortable with a nonprofit organization as opposed to a software or diagnostic company.  Whatever suits you best.

Most importantly, understand that these free online dyslexia tests can be helpful to you as a first step.  In the bigger picture, your most important first task is to educate yourself about reading difficulties, language processing, etc. so that you can make informed decisions about the steps you take.  Taking a screening or having your child or loved one take a screening is a good part of that process.  It’s a great way to bridge that gap between your book reading and what you’re actually seeing with the person being screened.  It’s also a great way to start building your vocabulary about reading, writing and spelling issues as they relate to underlying language processing issues.

Don’t wait!  Get started!  Early intervention is the key!